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Password combination

Many passwords for programs, email or networks are easier to guess than you wish.
Often it's the name of a relative, the pet or a birthday. If this isn't working the first time a combination of these may help. This small script shall help to find easy and insecure passwords.
Good luck.

Fill in possible passwords here. Separate by space.


Cut: cuts the words to their starting letter. e.g.: William Shakespeare -> W S
Random: mixes the letters around. e.g.: cats -> stac
Mix: mixes two words together.
Big Mix: mixes all three possibilities.


reduce: converts the first big letter of a word to small letter. e.g.: William -> william

characters max. for a password.
characters min. for a password.
Separator for output: comma
comma and space
new line
comma and new line




You can download the program for free also.

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